Name: Saurabh Saurabh
Affiliation: ARIES
Conference ID : ASI2022_201
Title : Initial results of the TIFR-ARIES Near Infrared Spectrometer (TANSPEC) on the 3.6m DOT
Authors : Saurabh Sharma (ARIES, Nainital), D K Ojha (TIFR, Mumbai), et al.
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : We present the initial results of the TANSPEC instrument mounted on the 3.6-m Devastal Optical Telescope (DOT), Nainital, India. TANSPEC is a medium-resolution 0.55 − 2.5 μm cryogenic spectrometer with three modes of operation which include, photometry with broad and narrow band filters, spectroscopy in cross dispersed mode at a resolving power R of ∼2750, and spectroscopy in prism mode at a resolving power R of ∼100-350. The TANSPEC uses two Teledyne HAWAII (HgCdTe Astronomical Wide Area Infrared Imager) detectors (H1RG:1024 × 1024 pixels and H2RG:2048 × 2048 pixels) with a cutoff wavelength of 2.5 μm. On the 3.6-m DOT, the TANSPEC’s Imager mode provides a field of view of 60 × 60 arcmin square with a plate scale of 0.245 arcsec/pixel. The TANSPEC was successfully commissioned during April-May 2019 and the subsequent initial results are presented here.