Name: Sneh Lata
Affiliation: ARIES
Conference ID : ASI2022_249
Title : VI CCD photometric Identification of variable stars in the young open cluster NGC 6823
Authors : Sneh Lata, W. P. Chen, J. C. Pandey, Neelam Panwar
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : We present time series VI CCD photometry of the young open cluster NGC 6823. From light curves we have identified 88 variable stars in the field of the cluster, for which the membership of each is diagnosed with additional optical and near-infrared 2MASS JHK data. Seventy two variable stars are found to be members of NGC 6823, of which 24 are main-sequence and 48 are pre-main-sequence stars. Based on the location in the HR diagram and the shape of light curves we have classified main-sequence variables into different groups like beta Cep, delta Scuti, slowly pulsating B type and new class variables. Among the 48 pre-main-sequence variables, eight are recognized as classical T Tuari variables, whereas the remaining ones are characterized as weak-lined T Tauri stars.