Name: Dimple Panchal
Affiliation: ARIES, Nainital
Conference ID : ASI2022_271
Title : Classification conundrum in Gamma Ray Bursts: Signatures of collapsars in high redshift short GRBs
Authors : Dimple, K. Misra, D. A. Kann, K. G. Arun, A. Ghosh, R. Gupta, L. Resmi, J. F. Agüí Fernández, C. C. Thöne, A. de Ugarte Postigo, S. B. Pandey, L. Yadav
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : GRBs are classically categorised into two types - short bursts (T90 < 2 sec) and long bursts (T90 > 2 sec) based on their gamma-ray emission duration. It is widely accepted that the two populations originate from two distinct progenitor channels residing in different host galaxy environments. However, the characteristics of two short GRBs (090426 and 200826A) hinted toward collapsar as plausible progenitors as opposed to compact object mergers. These short GRBs lie at a relatively higher redshift as compared to the median redshift (z=0.47) of short GRBs. We investigate the properties of short GRBs at low and high redshifts employing the prompt, afterglow and host galaxy information. A careful examination of the characteristics of short GRBs at different redshifts reveals that some short GRBs at high redshifts have properties similar to long GRBs indicating a collapsar origin. Further studies can aid in understanding the progenitors of GRBs and the true classification of GRBs.