Name: BHAVYA Ailawadhi
Affiliation: ARIES
Conference ID : ASI2022_287
Title : SN 2020jfo: A short-plateau supernova with high photospheric velocity in earlier stages
Authors : Bhavya, Raya Dastidar, Kuntal Misra, Rupak Roy, D. A. Howell
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Transients are short-lived violent events having lifetime from a few milliseconds to a few years. Core-collapse supernovae (SNe) are a class of transients arising from the gravitational collapse of inert stellar core. In this work, we present the lightcurve and spectroscopic analysis of a hydrogen-rich core-collapse supernova of type IIP, which are characterized by a constant luminosity phase in their light curve. SN 2020jfo is a short plateau SN with a noticeably higher photospheric velocity at early phases. The progenitor mass of this SN is estimated to be 12 solar mass based on comparison with model spectra at nebular phases. Using the shock cooling model of Sapir & Waxmam 2017, we calculated the luminosity and temperature one day after the explosion to be (8.0±0.1)×10^42erg/s and 26.6±0.2×10^3 K respectively. The Fe II line velocity, a proxy for the photospheric velocity, estimated from the minima of the P Cygni absorption component is 8595 km/s at 14.26 day, which is higher than the normal SNe II population.