Name: Anindya Ganguly
Affiliation: Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research
Conference ID : ASI2022_311
Title : Finding and characterising 18 open clusters using Gaia's eDR3 data
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Star clusters are interesting laboratories for studies related to star formation, stellar and binary evolution, and stellar dynamics. It is necessary to determine cluster membership and global cluster properties including age, metallicity and reddening for all such studies. Making use of the accurate astrometric solutions in Gaia’s eDR3 release we have developed a novel method to determine membership probability of Galactic open clusters. We have applied this technique to 18 open clusters which are relatively rich with stars (N>500). Our method works well for clusters located in both sparse and crowded environments. Once membership is ascertained, we use an automated Bayesian parameter estimation code developed by us to determine cluster properties including age, metallicity, and reddening. Because of our Bayesian approach our estimates not only include the fiducial property values, but also the detailed posterior distributions and correlations. I will present our key results.