Name: Sriyasriti Acharya
Affiliation: IIT Indore
Conference ID : ASI2022_319
Title : Study of External Compton Mechanism in the Context of Astrophysical Jets
Authors : Sriyasriti Acharya, Indu Kalpa Dihingia, Bhargav Vaidya
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Blazars, a subclass of AGN jets, are considered to be one of the brightest objects in the universe. The multi-wavelength spectra of these jets are characterized by two humps where the emission mechanisms are believed to be leptonic Synchrotron emission, Inverse Compton (IC) scattering, or Hadronic process. In this work, we incorporate a numerical scheme in the PLUTO code to account for the energy loss due to the Inverse Compton process, where the origin of the target photon field, considered for the Compton scattering is external to the jet such as the BLR region, accretion disk, etc. Such an emission mechanism is typically known as External Compton (EC) process. A Planckian target photon field is considered here for Compton scattering. Since the origin of the target photon field could be anywhere external to the jet, we have considered an anisotropic nature of the photon field. In addition, we perform a comparative study of the above-mentioned emission mechanisms and study the importance of different parameters responsible for the external Compton process. In particular, the effects of EC emission in the observed features of AGN jets in the presence of MHD instabilities and shocks will also be discussed.