Name: Yash Bhargava
Affiliation: IUCAA
Conference ID : ASI2022_337
Title : Multi-wavelength timing analysis of supersoft X-ray source Nova Her 2021
Authors : Yash Bhargava, K. P. Singh, Gulab Chand Dewangan, Sonith L. S., G. C. Anupama, U Kamath, Kim Page, Murali Pavana
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Nova Herculis 2021 (V1674 Her) is a supersoft X-ray source discovered in June 2021 in the optical band. After reaching a peak in optical brightness, the source decayed indicating a behaviour akin to classical novae. The source thereafter entered a supersoft X-ray outburst phase which was closely monitored by various X-ray observatories. Here we present a timing analysis of multi-wavelength observations of source carried out with AstroSat and Growth-India Telescope (GIT). The soft X-ray observations of the source during the supersoft phase show a clear periodic signal of 501.34+-0.01 s with a slight variation in the period (~0.1 s) across the observations while the optical and UV observations do not show any such periodic behaviour. We investigate the nature of periodicity and upper limits obtained from our observations. We also search for the orbital period and place the constraints based on the long term monitoring using GIT.