Name: Sushmita Agarwal
Affiliation: Indian Institute of technology, Indore
Conference ID : ASI2022_354
Title : High energy Variability study of Bl Lac
Authors : S. Agarwal, B. Banerjee, J. Roy, A. Shukla, A. Goyal, V. Chitnis
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Bl Lacertae is a TeV blazar located at a redshift of z=0.069. The source has shown prominent variability during the Fermi era, and several major flares have been detected at gamma-ray energies (0.1-300GeV) over the past thirteen years, including an unprecedented high state during 2020-2021. We have studied the source independent of its flux states using Fermi-LAT data. A Power Spectrum analysis of the source at gamma-ray energies using LAT data suggests that the slope of PSD is consistent with the pink noise type process from 10 days to 3hr timescales, independent of flux state. Our study also found hour-scale and sub-hour scale variability from the source in gamma-ray and X-ray energies, respectively. The variability studies suggest that a similar physical process is responsible for flux variation over a long period. The advanced Bayesian methods are used to search for hour and sub-hour scale variabilities. We also studied the spectral energy distribution of the source.