Name: Shubhangi Jain
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Conference ID : ASI2022_373
Title : Design and Development of DMD Controller Interface for INSIST
Authors : Author: Shubhangi Jain Co-Authors:Sisira P K , Amit Kumar , Prasanna Deshmukh , D.V.S Phanindra
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : The INSIST (Indian Spectroscopic and Imaging Space Telescope) is a UV-optical 1m class telescope expected to produce high quality imaging and moderate resolution spectra of astronomical sources. INSIST is in the pre-project phase where a few critical sub-systems are being demonstrated. A Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) will be used in front of the onboard spectrograph for sampling light coming from astronomical sources of interest in the light path. The role of DMD here is similar to slit mask used in the conventional spectrographs. DMD comprises of tiny mirrorlets arranged in the form of pixels which can be flipped between two pre-defined positions by applying digital signals. By selecting the appropriate pixels on the DMD the required slit mask shape can be configured. In this project, a controller interface module to transfer the slit mask pattern to the DMD device is under development. This controller interface takes the data from user, which contains how many rows and columns of DMD to be flipped for particular observation. At the initial stage of development, this slit mask input will be directly in the form of row and column numbers. At later stage we will derive the row and column based on the acquired image from the imaging channel. This module will convert Row and Column data in a format which is suitable to the DMD chipset and transfer it to chipset with suitable command format. Controller interface module will receive telemetry of DMD chipset and displays the health of DMD. Presently the design and development of this controller is under progress and preliminary results will be presented in this poster.