Name: Mani Khurana
Affiliation: BARC
Conference ID : ASI2022_393
Title : MACE data Analysis Package (MAP)
Authors : P Chandra, K K Yadav, M. Khurana, N Mankuzhiyil, S. Godambe, C. Borwankar, J. Hariharan, K Venugopal, V K Dhar, M Sharma, A Tolamatti, B Ghosal
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment (MACE) is the world's second-largest gamma-ray telescope recently installed at Hanle, Ladakh, India (32.78O N, 78.98O E, ~4300 m asl). The telescope plays an important role in the study of very-high-energy (VHE) gamma-ray Universe above 20 GeV energy. This telescope works on the principle of IACT (Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov technique), where Cherenkov photons produced by secondary particles in the extensive air shower are recorded using the ground-based detector. The main challenge for such a detector is to remove huge cosmic-ray backgrounds to find the feeble gamma-ray signals from the source. We have developed our own package called MAP (MACE data analysis package) which is used to analyze data from various known and potential gamma-ray sources. The back-end of the software is developed using C++, ROOT, and Python while fronted user interfaces are developed using TCL/Tk. The software takes the raw data collected by the telescope and extracts the gamma-ray signal from the observed sources. The software also removes any bad quality data before analyzing and finding signals. Details of MAP will be presented in the meeting.