Affiliation: Department of Astronomy, Xiamen University, China
Conference ID : ASI2022_410
Title : Spiral Shocks in Accretion Disk with Mass Outflow in Binary
Authors : Ramiz Aktar, Li Xue And Tong Liu
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : We investigate the properties of spiral shocks from a steady, adiabatic, non-axisymmetric accretion disk around a compact star in binary. We first incorporated all the possible influences from binary through adopting the Roche potential and Coriolis forces in the basic conservation equations. In this work, we assume the spiral shocks to be point-wise self-similar, and the flow is in vertical hydrostatic equilibrium to simplify the study. We also calculate the mass outflow rates due to the shock compression from our model. Then, we apply our accretion-ejection model to the accreting white dwarf in binary. We observe that our model will be beneficial to overcome the ad hoc assumption of optically thick wind generally used in the studies of the progenitor of supernovae Ia.