Name: Susovan Maity
Affiliation: PhD Student, Senior Research Fellow, Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Conference ID : ASI2022_448
Title : Carter-Penrose diagrams for emergent spacetime in relativistic accreting black hole systems
Authors : Susoan Maity, Md Arif Shaikh, Pratik Tarafdar, Tapas Kumar Das
Abstract Type: Poster*
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : For general relativistic black hole accretion in the Kerr metric, we show that linear perturbation of the axially symmetric matter flow having certain geometrical configurations leads to the emergence of black hole like acoustic spacetime. Such an analogue spacetime is shown to be endowed with one white hole like sonic horizon flanked by two black hole like acoustic horizons. We construct the compactified causal structures, i.e., the Carter Penrose diagrams for such emergent spacetime to study the corresponding horizon effects. For the first time in literature, the Carter Penrose formalism is carried out for analogue spacetime embedded within a natural large scale fluid flow under the influence of strong gravity.