Name: Subah Sharma
Affiliation: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
Conference ID : ASI2022_486
Title : Modelling the large scale disc field in Milky Way
Authors : Subah Sharma Dr.Mamta Gulati Dr.Nishant Singh
Abstract Type: Poster*
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Astrophysical magnetic fields are crucial to many cosmological events on various scales but much remains unknown about their origin and evolution. Faraday Rotation Measure proves to be a key tracer of magnetic fields in the interstellar medium which can be used to understand the structure of the large scale magnetic field. We are using 801 pulsar Rotation Measures and Dispersion measures from the ANTF pulsar catalogue to generate a model for large scale Galactic Magnetic field in the disc of Milky Way galaxy. The model uses thermal electron density from the model NE2001 to calculate the line of sight component of magnetic field. By making use of certain numerical techniques, we are generating a map of the magnetic field in the disc of the galaxy. Using this, we can further analyse the radial and azimuthal variation of magnetic field in the disc of Milky Way galaxy and perform a comparative study of this variation with the variation observed in the disc of other spiral galaxies.