Name: Prateek Mayank
Affiliation: Indian Institute of technology, Indore
Conference ID : ASI2022_50
Title : Physics-based Algorithm for Solar Wind using Adaptive Numerical Framework
Authors : Prateek Mayank, Bhargav Vaidya and D. Chakrabarty
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : Solar Wind streams, acting as a background, govern the propagation of coronal mass ejections in the heliosphere and drive geomagnetic storm activities. Therefore, predictions of the solar wind parameters are the core of space weather forecasts. Typically, line-of-sight observations of a magnetogram are used to derive the global coronal magnetic field structure and then a solar wind model is used for forecasting solar wind plasma parameters. Here, we present an indigenous 3D Solar Wind model aiming to complement the in-situ measurements of Aditya-L1, in particular, we will discuss our recent results of data-driven solar wind prediction at L1. This numerical framework for forecasting the ambient solar wind is based on a well-established scheme that uses a semi-empirical coronal model and a physics-based inner heliospheric model. We will demonstrate a more generalized version of WSA relation which provides speed profile as an input to the MHD domain. We will also confer how final results are affected based on the choice of input magnetograms. Conclusively, we are going to validate our results by comparing essential solar wind magnetic and plasma properties at L1 for multiple Carrington rotations and also review the directional dependent characteristic features of stream interaction regions (SIRs) which will be observed by ASPEX (Aditya-L1). Additionally, we will present our magnetic field outputs that will complement the in-situ measurements of MAG (Aditya-L1).