Name: Ravi Raja Pothuneni
Affiliation: Department of Astronomy Osmania University
Conference ID : ASI2022_501
Title : V2840 Cyg-A rare weak-contact binary evolving into a broken-contact phase or a deep-contact phase?
Authors : Ravi Raja Pothuneni, Shanti Priya Devarapalli and Rukmini Jagirdar
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Contact Binaries(CBs) of EW-type eclipsing binaries are significant in studying and understanding the fundamental stellar properties and their evolution.Among them, High Mass Ratio Contact Binaries (HMRCBs), especially weak-contact configuration, becomes vital in investigating and testing the formation and evolutionary models of CBs using stellar parameters derived from the high-precision photometric and spectroscopic studies. From the period variation studies, these are known to evolve from the present contact configuration into a broken-contact configuration as per Thermal Relaxation Oscillation (TRO) model or into a deep-contact configuration as per Angular Momentum Loss (AML)model. In the current study, V2840 Cyg (VCyg), a short period EW type weak-contact HMRCB, which is rare of its kind is tested and discussed for the TRO and AML models based on period variation exhibited by VCyg.