Name: Dr Apara Tripathi
Affiliation: D D U Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur
Conference ID : ASI2022_533
Title : Photometricand Kinemetic Study of Open cluster NGC 1027
Authors : Apara Tripathi Neelam Panwar Brijesh Kumar
Abstract Type: Poster*
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Open star clusters are excellent targets to understand issues related to galactic structure, stellar population, dynamical evolution, and star formation process in the Galaxy. We present the results of our analysis for a poorly studied open cluster NGC 1027 based on deep optical observations and Gaia EDR3 data. The cluster radius is found to be about 8.5 arcmin. We exploited Gaia EDR3 data to separate the cluster members from the field stars and obtain the membership probability of the members. The (U – B) and (B – V)colors of the selected cluster members indicate a reddening E(B-V) of ~0.36 mag toward the cluster. The location of the selected cluster members in the color-magnitude diagram (CMD) show a clear separation from field stars. The Padova-PARSEC isochrone fitting to CMD gives the turn-off age as 251 Myr and the distance of the cluster is found to be 1097pc. These cluster members are further used to study the mass function and mass segregation in the cluster region.