Name: Arul Pandian B
Affiliation: Project Assistant
Conference ID : ASI2022_567
Title : InPTA pipeline to process legacy GMRT data
Authors : Arul Pandian B (on behalf of the InPTA collaboration) Abhimanyu S (on behalf of the InPTA collaboration) Arun Naidu (on behalf of the InPTA collaboration)
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : To extend the InPTA baseline, we decided to process the Legacy GMRT data, which corresponds to 32 MHz Bandwidth and the data stream is available in a voltage sample format for the two polarisations. Since there is a large amount of data from the earlier legacy mode GMRT observations to be processed, we have developed an automated processing pipeline known as the Legacy Pinta (Lpinta) pipeline to uniformly process the legacy data. The processing involves coherent dedispersion and a DSPSR based folding. The product of the Lpinta pipeline will be the fits-format archive of the pulsar data with the provision to extract polarization information, Which can be used to determine the best DM and ToA residuals of the pulsars. Currently, this pipeline is developed and in a testing phase. We are also incorporating the RFI Handling features into the pipeline. The talk will present details of the legacy GMRT observations, processing stages involved, and sample results from analyzing PSR J1939+213.