Name: Reetika Joshi
Affiliation: Kumaun University, Nainital, India/ Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics, University of Oslo, Norway
Conference ID : ASI2022_57
Title : Study of Solar Jets and Related Flares
Authors : Reetika Joshi
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Thesis
Abstract : Solar jets are ubiquitous transient collimated mass outflows in the solar atmosphere over a wide range of sizes from small scale nano-jets to a few solar radii, embedded in the solar chromosphere to solar corona. Jets are frequently accompanied by solar flares and these flares provide the force to propagate the plasma material upward and could be accompanied by coronal mass ejections. These jets could act as a source for transporting a significant mass and energy from the lower solar atmosphere to the upper coronal heights and consequently heating the solar corona and accelerating the solar wind. Magnetic reconnection is believed to be the triggering reason behind these small scale jet activities. The thesis entitled “Study of Solar Jets and Related Flares” includes various case studies with different mechanisms to set off the jet initiation, associated large scale eruptions and mounts strong observational evidences to validate the numerical exper­iments for the magnetic flux emergence models. Such studies on solar jets along with their magnetic origin contribute to resolve the scandalous coronal heating problem and provide the evidences for the existing theoretical models and open a new window for the interplanetary science.