Name: Divyajyoti .
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Conference ID : ASI2022_648
Title : Exploring the effects of orbital eccentricity in the future detectors
Authors : Snehal Tibrewal Divyajyoti Abhishek Chattaraj Sumit Kumar Chandra Kant Mishra
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : With the release of the recent GWTC-3 catalog, there are nearly 90 gravitational wave detections from compact binary mergers till date. All of these detections have been analyzed using circular or quasi-circular waveforms. As we move to the next phase of gravitational wave detections, the detection rates are expected to increase manifold. Consequently, we can expect that many of these detections may also come from eccentric binary systems. With this in mind, we perform two studies. In the first, we quantify the detectability of eccentric systems given a population in the next-generation detectors. In the second, we perform the parameter estimation systematics study, in which we show the biases incurred when an eccentric signal is recovered using the circular waveforms.