Affiliation: ARIES Nainital
Conference ID : ASI2022_666
Title : Photometric and Kinematic study of the open clusters SAI 44 and SAI 45
Authors : Jayanand Maurya and Yogesh C. Joshi
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : We carry out a detailed photometric and kinematic study of the poorly studied sparse open clusters SAI 44 and SAI 45 using ground-based BVRI data supplemented by archival data from Gaia eDR3 and Pan-STARRS. The stellar membership is determined using a statistical method based on Gaia eDR3 kinematic data and we found 204 members in SAI 44 while only 74 members are identified in SAI 45. The average distances to SAI 44 and SAI 45 are calculated as 3670±184 and 1668±47 pc. The logarithmic ages of the clusters are determined as 8.82±0.10 and 9.07±0.10 years for SAI 44 and SAI 45, respectively. The color-magnitude diagram of SAI 45 hosts an extended main-sequence turn-off (eMSTO) which may be originated through differential rotation rates of member stars. The mass function slopes are obtained as -1.75±0.72 and -2.58±3.20 in the mass rages 2.426-0.990 M and 2.167-1.202 M for SAI 44 and SAI 45, respectively. SAI 44 exhibits the signature of mass segregation while we found weak evidence of the mass segregation in SAI 45 possibly due to tidal stripping. The dynamical relaxation times of these clusters indicate that both the clusters are in dynamically relaxed state.