Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Conference ID : ASI2022_669
Title : GW phase for high mass ratio compact binary black hole systems till fifth post-Newtonian order and tenth order in eccentricity
Authors : M Laxman, Chandra Kant Mishra, Ryuichi Fujita
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : Gravitational waves (GW) from extreme mass ratio inspirals (EMRIs) and\or intermediate mass ratio inspirals (IMRIs) are targets for future space-based gravitational wave detectors such as LISA and DECIGO and ground-based detectors such as Einstein Telescope (ET) and Cosmic Explorer (CE). Detection and subsequent analysis of gravitational waves from these sources will require construction of waveform models mimicking these signals. These waveforms from inspiralling compact binaries require modeling of phase and amplitude. We compute the GW phase for expected signals from EMRIs and IMRIs in eccentric orbits by combining the inputs from the post-Newtonian (PN) and black hole perturbation (BHP) approach. We present how PN and BHP formalism compare in IMRI parameter space. Our results are accurate up to 5PN order and tenth order in eccentricity. We show the consistency of our results with PN results till 3PN order and leading order in eccentricity under extreme mass ratio limit.