Name: Mohd Sirtaz
Affiliation: University of Delhi
Conference ID : ASI2022_671
Title : Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation from Dyon-Dyon Bound Systems
Authors : Mohd Sirtaz and Prof. Patrick Das Gupta(University of Delhi)
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : It is generally acknowledged that the concept of dyon, a hypothetical particle carrying both electric as well as magnetic charges, was put forward by Schwinger in the late 1960s. Here we study the emission of electromagnetic and gravitational waves from a pair of interacting dyons with gravity switched on. We find the analytic solutions corresponding to Newtonian dynamics of dyon-dyon interaction, which show that the two-body problem of dyons-interaction is not confined in a plane. We consider the electromagnetic radiations in the dipole approximation and gravitational waves emissions in the quadrupole formalism. When all types of charges are zero, our results match with Peters and Mathews results.