Name: Shaonwita Pal
Conference ID : ASI2022_673
Title : Impact of Anomalous Active Regions on the Large Scale Magnetic Fields of the Sun
Authors : Shaonwita Pal, Dibyendu Nandy, Prantika Bhowmik, Sushant Mahajan, Andres Munoz Jaramillo
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : The evolution of bipolar magnetic regions (BMR) in response to the surface diffusion and advection creates the large scale magnetic field of the Sun. One of the major sources of perturbation in the solar cycle amplitude is essentially believed to be the emergence of the highly tilted anomalous active regions containing high flux. One of these categories is the rogue region. In this study, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the large-scale dipole moment and polar field build-up due to the emergence of such anomalous active regions on the solar surface. For this study, we have utilized a surface flux transport model which dictates the evolution of magnetic fields in the photosphere. Although these BMRs represent a small fraction of the total sunspot number, they can affect the magnetic dipole moment owing to their significant flux content, and hence the subsequent solar cycle amplitude. We also demonstrate that the emergence time, latitude, number and flux distributions of such anomalous sunspots can influence the large scale magnetic field dynamics. These results have implications for the understanding and subsequent development of solar cycle predictive models.