Name: Seetha S
Affiliation: Raman Research Institution
Conference ID : ASI2022_767
Title : Progress of Space based Astronomy missions in India
Authors : Seetha, S
Abstract Type: Invited
Abstract Category : Plenary
Abstract : India has crossed several milestones in the field of Space Astronomy over the last six decades. Starting from experiments flown on balloons and rockets, India now has full fledged satellite missions for astronomy and planetary exploration. This talk will provide a glimpse of some of the salient features of this journey. Use of space platforms for astronomy has opened up new wavelength bands of observations mainly in the UV and X-ray wavebands. This has led to the capability within the country, to develop, test and qualify optics and new detectors in these bands. In addition, data archival and dissemination has also be initiated and systems are in place for proposal driven observations. This has led to a closer interaction between research institutes / Universities and ISRO which is expected to become more effective with a variety of future missions.