Name: Anshuman Acharya
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
Conference ID : ASI2022_82
Title : Variability in the HD179949 System
Authors : Anshuman Acharya (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Germany; IISER - Mohali, India), Vinay Kashyap (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian), Steven Saar (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian), Kulinder Pal Singh (IISER - Mohali, India), Manfred Cuntz (University of Texas at Arlington)
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : We analyse the Chandra X-ray data of HD179949, a Sun-like star with a close Jupiter-mass planet. We study temporal variability of both the intensity and the spectrum and demonstrate the existence of short term variability in the corona. We perform spectral fitting on archival Chandra data and model the observed spectrum with a two-component APEC model. We obtain consistent abundance measurements over several phases. We find a consistent set of change points over several passbands and find evidence for short term variability in both intensity and spectral hardness.