Name: Ananta Charan Pradhan
Affiliation: National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Conference ID : ASI2022_995
Title : A massive star-forming LSB galaxy in the Bootes Void
Authors : Divya Pandey, Kanak Saha, Ananta C. Pradhan
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Studies have shown that galaxies in sparse environment are young and low-mass systems with late type morphologies.  We present a case study of a massive evolved galaxy present in the Bootes void using multi-wavelength imaging observations. Detailed GALFIT structural decomposition of the galaxy reveals multiple components - pseudo-bulge, strong bar, distorted ring and a low-surface brightness disk (LSB). The disk dominated galaxy hosts a bluer bulge and bar as compared to the outer disk. While blue-cored galaxies at a high stellar mass range are fairly elusive, the core of our galaxy is blue with discernible UV emission. Our SED analysis shows that the galaxy is star-forming despite being composed of a dominant fraction of the old stellar population. Based on our result, we discuss the viable formation scenario of the galaxy in the void. We also examine whether the evolution history of the galaxy is driven by the internal or external quenching mechanisms.