K. D. Abhyankar Best presentation of thesis at the ASI meetings

This award has been instituted by the society to encourage the participation of young astronomers who have completed their theses during the last two years preceding a scientific meeting of the ASI.

These participants are given a set time slot to present the details of their respective theses at an appropriate scientific meeting of the ASI and a panel of judges duly appointed by the executive council of the society in consultation with the scientific organising committee of that meeting, shall select the best presentation.

The prize consists of a certificate, a cash award of Rs. 20,000/- and a book which is normally donated by the member(s) of ASI.

The naming of the prize in honour of Prof. K. D. Abhyankar was done by the General Body during ASI meeting in 2011.

The K D Abhyankar Best Thesis Presentation for the respective years has been awarded to the following:

Sl No. Name Year
1 Dr. Avrajit Bandyopadhyay 2021
2 Dr. Anshu Kumari 2021
3 Dr. Avyarthana Ghosh 2020
4 Dr. Sudip Mandal 2020
5 Dr. Veena V. S. 2019
6 Dr. Visweshwar Ram Marthi 2018
7 Dr. Sajal Kumar Dhara 2017
8 Dr. Priyanka Chaturvedi 2017
97 Dr. S. Athiray 2016
10 Dr. S. Krishna Prasad 2015
11 Dr. Prashant Mohan 2015
12 Dr. Arunima Banerjee 2014
13 Dr. Vemareddy Panditi 2014