Solar Eclipse on Sunday 21 June, 2020

We are all expectantly waiting for the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse on Sunday i.e. 21 June, 2020. It will be breathtakingly annular (almost 99% coverage) in a belt in North India and partial in various percentages in the rest of the country.

Everyone is welcome to get more details and resources regarding it at:

To allow everyone to enjoy it and to learn about it from the safety of their homes in these times, the ASI-POEC and Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune will be collaboratively hosting a Live Webcast of various video feeds of the Solar Eclipse from across the country. The show will also host an array of experts from ASI and the scientific community on the subject of Eclipses and related concept, Astronomy and related careers etc. This will appeal to all ages, but will be especially very useful for youngsters.

Everyone is welcome to the following link to join us to celebrate this spectacular astronomical event and spread more awareness about it.
Please also share the link to as many people as you can.

Link to Join the session:
Date: 21st June 2020
Sunday: 1000hrs Onwards

SAFETY NOTE : NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN IN THE SKY WITH YOUR EYES DIRECTLY! A filter should always be there to cut out the light drastically before it reaches your eyes. So please use Eclipse goggles / Safety equipment / Projection Methods. See our link and Youtube videos on eclipses for details.

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Thank you,
Samir Dhurde,
Team IUCAA-Scipop and ASI-POEC