Mars-Venus conjunction poster in many languages

The planets Venus and Mars are moving closer to each other as seen in the western sky just after sunset. Their closest approach is on 13th July. The moon also gets close to them on 12th July. These are all naked eye events and we invite everyone to see it for themselves.

Indian Institute of Astrophysics has made a poster on this event, aimed at the general public, in partnership with ASI-POEC. This has also been translated in English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu and Gujarati and Malayalam! I have attached them all here.

Please forward these to your friends and family and enjoy the conjunction!

Translations done by (Dr Shylaja of JNP for Kannada, T.V. Venkateswaran of Vigyan Prasar for Tamil, Binukumar of IIA for Malayalam, Manjunath Besthe of IIA for Telugu, Rajnatesan of IIA and Divya Oberoi of NCRA for Hindi, Mihir Arjunwadkar for Marathi, Svati Shah for Gujarati, Harvinder Kaur Jassal of IISER-M for Punjabi, Seemin Rubab of NIT Srinagar for Urdu, Biman Nath of RRI for Bengali and Sipra Hota and Soumyaranjan Khuntia of IIA for Odia).

Niruj Mohan Ramanujam

(for Science COmmunication, Public outreach, and Education - SCOPE-IIA)