PhD Physics opportunities at Ahmedabad University. 

My research group  is seeking bright and motivated individuals who may be interested in pursuing topics such as: Resolved stellar populations in dwarf galaxies; Star formation in Local Volume dwarf galaxies; Extragalactic star clusters; Hot & exotic stars in Globular Clusters; Multi-wavelength Astronomy and Big-Data analysis. The Deadline for application is: 10 April, 2024. Further details can be found in the attached poster for your reference.

The University offers full tuition fee waiver and financial support to Doctoral programme students through University Assistantships (INR 40,000 per month) and University Fellowships (INR 50,000 per month).  Additionally, the University is home to an International Centre for Space and Cosmology.  Furthermore, other Physics groups at the University are engaged in dynamic research areas and are open to offering PhD projects (details are available in the attached poster).

Dr Samyaday Choudhury
Assistant Professor
Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division